Monday, March 2, 2009

run maggot, run!

i got off my lazy butt today and went to the gym. i joined our local YMCA. the YMCA has always had kind of a stigma attached to it in my head. this is basically due to the fact that the YMCA in my hometown is the ONLY gym in town (that might not be true anymore, i'm not sure), and it was kind of a hang-out place for high-schoolers. it was also very rundown/dilapidated when i lived in greenpatch. i'm sure it's improved some since my childhood, but i've never gotten over that impression of the YMCA.

in this town, however - the YMCA is a big deal. there are 5 of them in the metro area. the one closest to my house (downtown) has recently been remodeled, and it is very nice. it has 2 pools - 1 strictly for lap swimming and another for classes. the cardio/machine area has broad windows that face downtown and let in tons of natural light. it's a very airy, refreshing place to exercise. the people are really friendly, and since i'm under 30 *by about 4.5 months*, i only have to pay $40/month. that gets me access to any YMCA in the US of A.

so, i am now a member of the Y.

i ran/walked about 2 miles today. i also did arms on the machines. i didn't allow myself to overdo it. i have a tendency to hit the gym HARD when i go back after a long hiatus, so today i deliberately took it slow. i met one of my intern-mates, and we worked out together. it was nice, but i can't talk when i run. i have to listen to my headphones.

i felt excellent after the work-out. still do. motivated, strong, relaxed, comfortable in my body. exercise makes me feel so good. i wonder why i don't do it every day. it's like sex. sex is amazing. but i sometimes have a brief hiatus from it. and then i have sex, and i'm like WOW! why don't i do this EVERY SINGLE DAY?

i'm also feeling rather good because when i donned my work-out gear (shorts, tee-shirt), i looked in the mirror and was actually PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by my appearnce. i don't look nearly as bad as the 7lb weight gain led me to believe. sure, i need to tone up...but it's not all that bad.

on the work front - it's such a cluster at the moment, i don't even want to get into details. let's just put it this way: i'm on surgery tuesday through friday. we have NOTHING scheduled during this time except for 2 consults tomorrow morning. this means that - in all likelihood - i will be off (sort of) all week. i have to work ER this weekend, but we'll see how the rest of the week shakes out.

i need a shower. i smell gross.

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Tayaki said...

haha i workout 6 days a week to replace my sex life (that's what happens when your boyfriend lives in another country while you're at school i guess). the walk home on endorphins is pretty addictive.