Saturday, March 21, 2009

home tomorrow

i love allegiant air. it's cheap, it flies to within an hour of my grandparents' house, the flights generally run on time, and you can get them most days. on the other hand, the flights are either in the early morning or evening. ours leaves at 7:40 tomorrow morning necessitating waking at 5:15am. bleh. it's ok, i really can't complain. i'm partaking in the miracle of human flight for so cheap (my flight was $70 round trip).

our vacation was relaxing. i spent a great deal of time sleeping and being utterly lazy. i read a book. i started another. i went to the beach, spent time with friends and their new baby, ate a lot (and probably gained 5 lbs), and just generally relaxed. it was very nice and much needed.

back to work on monday - internal medicine for 5 days. i'm happy about that. then i have the weekend off, and my best friend and husband are coming to stay with us. on the last monday of march, i have a job interview. after that, i work for almost 2 weeks straight.

april is a month that brings much excitement: i have tickets to see the avett brothers, i'll be going to see the stand-up comedian louis CK in the hometown, my niece will be having her 1st birthday, and lots of other fun stuff.

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