Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ok. i have news.

i have real news. no, i'm not pregnant. i wouldn't announce that to my family on my blog. i have a job interview. a real, live job interview. and it's a really exciting opportunity.

for the last month or so, i have come to realize that my current place of work is not the long-term job for me. there are a variety of reasons that range from general quality of life to other, more complex issues that i will not choose to elaborate on here. it's become apparent to me in recent weeks that i will not be happy here. it sucks, because 1) i REALLY REALLY don't want to move again 2) there are a lot of charms to this area and 3) there are some really fabulous things about my current job. jim and i have moved 10 times in 10 years. i feel like a total nomad.

on the other hand, this job interview is in asheville, which is my 2nd favorite town in the world. jim and i already have a circle of friends there - mostly jim's kayaking buddies. they do come complete with wives that i know and like, though - so that makes me happy. on top of that, asheville has a phenomenal music scene, and i've been to many concerts there - especially at the orange peel. it's a very fun town, it's buried in the mountains of north carolina, and it's beautiful. it's also only 1.5 hours from my parents and jim's parents but also only 1.5 hours from my best friend and her husband.

the clinic itself is top notch - offering endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound, digital xray, harmonic scalpel, and all the other bells and whistles i could want. this part is incredibly important to me because i have to work somewhere that i can offer top quality medicine to my patients and their owners.

in short - on paper - it's PERFECT.

i go down on tues/wed of next week to meet the doctors, get taken out to lunch, and kind of do a "working interview" on wednesday (before starting back on overnights on wednesday evening).

ok. i'm not going to get too excited. there are other jobs in the world, right?

unrelated to that, i have the flu. and it sucks big time. it's only 4 months (almost to the DAY) since i was last sick (bad head cold). my immune system is very wimpy. i'm taking the new inhalant antiviral relenza to try and shorten the duration of my symptoms...but we shall see how that works...i don't know if i started it soon enough after i realized i was getting sick.



DrSteggy said...

Good luck--my best friend is from Asheville (though she lives in CO now) and the Orange Peel is awesome! I hope its as good a place in person as on paper

Life in vet school said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on the interview -- and that practice sounds amazing!

Not to imply that running isn't great for you (I think it's one of the best things in the WORLD, personally!) but I've noticed a weird thing that you reminded me of. Whenever I go a long time without working out (3 weeks or so), the first time I work out again afterward, I get sick within a couple of days. Probably a coincidence, or maybe early pre-flu symptoms that I'm not consciously perceiving somehow induce me to want to exercise, but it happens almost every time!

Mara said...

Good luck with the interview!

Jennifer said...

Excellent! Good luck! I'm sure you will wow them with your charm and expertise.