Thursday, March 19, 2009

pmdd and frank lloyd wright

so, i think that i might actually suffer premenstrual dysphoric disorder. if such a thing even exists (and the drug companies would have us believe that it does). i'm on vacation in florida with my family. last night, i went to bed around 12:30, and then i slept until almost 1pm today. i was groggy and EXTREMELY ill-tempered when i woke up. it took several hours for the generalized rage to subside. i was so mad that i didn't know what to do with myself - for no discernible reason. FURIOUS. the rage was amorphous and undirected. i could barely speak. that - coupled with the presence of a zit smack in the middle of my forehead, as well as one along my jawline on both sides, was all the evidence i needed. these zits wouldn't be noticeable to anyone else, but i know they are there, and i know what they signify. i finally feel like i'm on SORT of a level keel at this moment. hopefully the hormonal tide is subsiding. we're going fishing/canoeing tomorrow.

i just finished reading a book called 'loving frank' - it's "historical" fiction about mamah borthwick - the woman for whom frank lloyd wright left his wife. i didn't know much about FLW's history, although i've always been interested in him. he designed the campus of florida southern - the college which i attended during freshman and sophomore year, before transferring away. my grandfather taught there the majority of his teaching career. the campus is called 'child of the sun' and is quite beautiful. at any rate, the book was about mamah borthwick. i didn't know what happened to her - i didn't even know she existed. if you're at all interested in the book, don't read anything about FLW - or you'll come across what happened to mamah.

the book itself was interesting reading, although i found the main character to be self-indulgent and self-interested. the book's author wanted to tout her as a woman true to herself - true to womanhood above mother and wife-hood. i didn't identify with her much - despite some similarities. frank lloyd wright came across as a total and complete egomaniac. i couldn't muster the slightest iota of liking for him. from the stories my grandfather has told me of his visits to campus, i think the book nailed him perfectly.

at any rate, i'm going to watch a movie with the family. i'm tired, the hormones are at low ebb, but who knows when they will flow again??

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