Monday, March 9, 2009

no news is good news?

i have another job interview set up for the end of this month in antioch, tennessee.

the weekend shift wasn't bad. i did 2 surgeries yesterday - one on a dog with 30+ bladder stones and 1 urethral stone making urination very difficult for him and one on a dog with a dead and rotting fetus in her uterus. i've been worrying about both of them ever since i woke up this morning. otherwise, we were busy - but it was entirely, pleasantly manageable.

my job interview is tomorrow. i'm not nervous. yet.

remember the boxer from my long ago post with lymphoma(?) maybe?

he was euthanized for progressive worsening of his disease after about 1.5 months. the lymphoma was never confirmed via biopsy...but there aren't many other conclusions to which we can come.

i have to leave soon. i'm spending the night with the BFF and husband/brother-in-law, then driving to the interview from there.

peace out. more to come later.

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