Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing ...

i have nothing interesting to say right now - hence the hiatus from blogging.

work i spent the previous week on internal medicine. monday and tuesday were very, very busy. wednesday through friday was very, very slow. so slow that i actually left and went to the gym on friday afternoon.

i won't know about the dream job until the 3rd week of april. i spoke to the office manager on wednesday. she said that they had so many applicants that they still weren't finished interviewing. the conversation did not leave me hopeful.

another interview tomorrow - in antioch, tennessee. i have no reason to move there. it's farther away from family and friends, and i know no one in nashville. the following monday, i have an interview in waynesville, NC - which is about 25 minutes outside of asheville. i haven't been doing it long, and i already hate job hunting.

friday night, my 2 best friends came to spend the weekend. i cooked prolifically.

saturday night, i tried something totally new and it was FABULOUS: penne pasta in a cream gorgonzola sauce with prosciutto, ham, and green peas. it was a rip-off of a dish i had when i was in NYC last time - and it came out amazing. it was also very easy to make.

today, we went to brunch/lunch at our local greasy spoon. the best friends have now vacated (post lunch), leaving me to my own devices for the rest of the day. that will consist of: 1) the gym at some point 2) reheating the enormous amount of leftovers we have from the weekend (pasta, as well as meatloaf and mashed potatoes) 3) reading some of 'brave new world' and 4) washing, ironing, and preparing clothes for interview tomorrow.

what else, what else? oh yes. jim and i officially have savings now. we finished paying off the credit card, and then we made a decision to make a CONCERTED effort to stop eating out. we eat out ALL the time. it's largely a function of our lifestyle - jim traveling back and forth to school and being gone 3 days a week sometimes, me working 120 hour weeks sometimes, exhaustion, too many pets to care for, etc. unfortunately, when reviewing our finances, i realized how much money went toward eating out. so, for the past month - we've worked VERY hard to stop eating out - and we've improved massively. i think in 3 weeks or so, we've eaten out maybe 4-5 times. that sounds like a lot to some, i'm sure - but we were eating out every other day and sometimes every day. and we have a SAVINGS account - with actual money in it. that's a rather new development.

i know. my life is the stuff of tabloid journalism.


premenopaws said...

Yep, job hunting sucks. The absolute best thing about getting a job is that you don't have to look for one any more. Try not to stress -- the right job will come along (at least that's what everyone told me, and I guess it was true).

Life in vet school said...

Hey! Can you post the pasta recipe? I love prosciutto and peas!

Frustrating about the dream job; I HATE waiting to hear about stuff like that. I always kind of wish I was the last person to interview, just so I wouldn't have to wait as long for notification (except then I'd be afraid they'd already made up their minds about someone else by the time they got to me, but......oh, well).