Sunday, March 22, 2009

blargedy blarg blarg. dammit.

sorry for the cursing in the title, i generally try to refrain from cursing and keep this blog PG to PG13...every now and then, i think i slip into the R category.


our flight this morning was utterly uneventful, but i was anxious the whole time. it always correlates to me sleeping poorly. it was ridiculous. i was clammy the whole flight!! none of my normal deep-breathing techniques or thinking about flying logically would help me calm the frick down. it sucked, because we had a sweet flight. i was initially annoyed to see that we were seated in row 29. that's right next to the engines and is always loud. as it turned out, we were flying on an MD83. row 29, seats A and C are awesome. they have (literally) twice the leg room of any of the other seats. i'm not sure why - perhaps because they are located in front of the back galley. it was downright luxurious. we also got the 2 seat row instead of the 3, so it was just me and jimbo, stretched out. it was downright decadent. even jim had ample leg room (at 6"0 - that's saying a lot).

we got home, and i went through the mail. the usual bills and whatnot. i set aside my financial aid statements. they usually go in a pile that i'll peruse once every 6 weeks or so to make sure everything is in order. i'm in total forebearance right now. i don't have to pay anything on my student loans because i'm a pathetically poor intern. as i was sorting through the mail, i realized i had several months of edfinancial statements, none opened. the most recent (received while we were gone) was labeled URGENT. yeah. you see what's coming? my forebearance period has ended - whether by accident or not, i'm not sure - but we were supposed to start making student loan payments in december. so we're now 4 months behind on student loan payments! i about had a heart attack. i'm SUPPOSED to be in forebearance until my internship ends. hopefully this will not be a nightmare to sort out, but we shall see. i've never previously had much trouble with financial aid.

i napped...i went to the gym and ran, as well as did some machines, then i went out and rode the fat belgian cross. it was an utterly gorgeous early spring, southeastern day. mid-70s and lovely. while riding, i came into one of the large back pastures, and a red fox ran across my path. so as not to disturb him (her?), i headed back the way i'd come, took a circuitous route, and wound up in the other, higher pasture. all this only to see the same red fox in the woods, watching me. it felt like a special moment - all for me.

that's about all.

back to work tomorrow. my last surgery before leaving (the 4th surgery that week!) was interesting. i got to take a chronic torsed spleen out of a bulldog. it was quite cool and a fun surgery, fairly simple surgery. the spleen's blood vessels had been twisted off for some time, so they were well-clotted. i barely had to tie any sutures. i basically just cut the stalk of twisted fat and blood vessels and popped the spleen out.

i know...riveting, eh?

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