Sunday, February 22, 2009

paranoia and random ramblings

sometimes i become irrationally paranoid about my house and pets. i'm terribly afraid of a fire breaking out in my house. if one ever did, i would likely lose all 8 of my animals. while they are certainly not people, i love my animals dearly and would be broken-hearted to lose any of them - let alone all of them. when i'm away from home, i have an extremely trustworthy individual pet-sit for me. she is a technician at the place i work, and she LOVES animals - more so than most people i've met in my life. having her watch my pets gives me a great deal of mental peace. sometimes though, when i'm away from home - i get so worried that one of the animals will get sick or a fire will break out in the house or something else. it's irrational, i know - but still a very real fear.

the husband is here in raleigh with me for the weekend, which is really nice. i'm staying with his cousin and her family. they have me set up like a queen in a spare bedroom in the basement, away from the main traffic of the house, with my own bathroom, TV, DVD player, and laptop. they also feed me every night. i feel rather bad that i'm not paying them something...but i guess that's what family is for, eh? i feel very welcome and comfortable. the husband came up this weekend to see me but to also visit with his family. his other cousin, as well as his aunt and uncle live here, so we all had a nice visit (and a big dinner) today.

all in all, it's been a very relaxing weekend. i slept most of the day saturday - off and on...thanks to the unfortunate monthly "illness" that is often so hard on me. i go back to NC State tomorrow for the rest of my time on cardiology. it's been going okay. not stellar. no one has really taken me under their wing. everyone has been nice, but i feel like i'm in the way oftentimes. no one has invited me out for drinks or dinner or anything like that. it's kind of an odd position to be in, but i'm hoping this next week will be better. we shall see.

that's all to say here. nothing new to report.


Superior Parrot said...

And here I thought I was the most paranoid and worrying about my babies person in the world! What if something happens to my house while I'm at work and I come home to four dead birds? What if someone breaks in and steals my birds? What if one of my birds accidently gets outside and flies away?

Leaving town is a MAJOR deal, even for two days. Gotta find a bird sitter (usually a vet tech from the avian vet's office), gotta write 8 pages of instructions, and then the worst of all -- absolutely must call the first night and then maybe every other day to be sure everything's all right.

I'm really quite pitiful. My birds probably snicker at me the whole time. ;-)

Mary said...

Fire is one of my great fears as well, although I tell myself that they'd die peacefully from smoke inhalation first, hopefully.

We were broken into in 2005, luckily no one took the parrots, but we moved shortly thereafter because I was so worried word would get out we had them and they would be taken.