Tuesday, February 10, 2009

back in the saddle

after a long hiatus from riding, i found myself back in the saddle today. i rode the incredibly obese draft cross belonging to the internal medicine specialist with whom i work. they live out in BFE and also own a clydesdale. both are ridden sporadically, so neither is in very good shape. that was fine by me, as it's probably been a year or more since i rode.

back in the day, i was on the equestrian team at my alma mater. i loved riding, and i loved taking lessons. i grew up riding western and tennessee walking horses. in college, i became interested in riding hunter/jumper (english). i loved the style, and the discipline and ability required to ride H/J well, so i stayed with it. vet school - however - pretty much ended any fun extracurricular activities, and riding slowly fell by the wayside.

i've always been an excellent rider (yes, modest too). my nickname in college was 'sticky butt' - i very rarely came out of the saddle, regardless of the circumstances. there were 2 notable exceptions to this - one involving a fresh, off-the-track thoroughbred and a steel fencepost...and another involving bareback riding, a lame (as it turns out) quarter horse, and very poor decision making skills.

i don't know why riding became something i did so rarely. and after today, i really want to make it part of my regular life again. i have a free pass to ride these guys, and it would be a challenge and enjoyable to be responsible for getting them into fit shape. they really need the work. it would also help me stay in shape, as well as stave off the inevitable depression that working ridiculously long hours in a often tragically depressing field causes.

so. that was all. riveting post, eh?

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Tayaki said...

i'm jealous. you know i'm all about the ponies. but, i'm also happy for you because riding is an excellent stress reliever and your time at your internship i think requires you to have one! :)

random question, how long did you take off from rotations to study for boards? thanks!