Sunday, February 22, 2009

gratuitous blogging- oscar play by play.

i'm watching the oscars because i'm THAT bored. seriously. what are the oscars other than hollywood - a bunch of self-centered, narcissistic, rich, self-righteous liberals - masturbating in one grand symphony over the course of 4.5 hours? why am i watching?? i can't get myself off the couch. i just finished reading a book, and i'm not quite ready to delve into another. i'm sleepy, but i'm resisting the urge to pass out at 10pm, despite the fact that i have to "work" at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

diane lane is beautiful, i have to say. christopher walken is crazy, as well. i'm happy to see that michael shannon was nominated. he was absolutely phenomenal in 'shotgun stories' - an extremely unknown film about 3 brothers that was amazing, stark, and largely unseen. it's an excellent movie that i highly recommend.

heath ledger for best supporting actor, really? i mean - come on. the guy was absolutely FANTASTIC as the joker, but he's dead. give the oscar to someone that's alive so that they can appreciate it. heath ledger threw his life and talent away on drugs. heath ledger- everyone knew he would win it. you have to give the oscar to the dead guy. i wonder if they'll play music over the ledger family if they ramble on beyond their allotted 45 seconds? i would bet not.

i'm betting no one in the audience other than those involved have seen any of the nominated documentaries. probably a shame, many of them are probably worth seeing.

bill maher? ack. gag me with a spoon. i despise maher. 50 bucks says he has to say SOMETHING about politics. 5...4...3...2...1.... wow. he didn't say anything. i'm amazed. such restraint.

ok, this has reminded me of several movies i need to see that i've somehow missed this year (or that are coming out soon):
1) doubt
2) slumdog millionaire
3) gran torino
4) curious case of benjamin button
5) revolutionary road
6) the reader
7) watchmen (not out yet)
8) australia
9) the duchess

for what it's worth, i've heard the following:
1) that revolutionary road is overwrought melodrama and completely destroys the essence of the book (which was amazing)
2) curious case of BB was a short story taken and ruined by being made into a movie
3) australia is not a good baz luhrmann movie...which i'm going to ignore, because i love baz movies (moulin rouge, strictly ballroom, and romeo + juliet)
4) gran torino is a return to good 'ole shoot 'em up clint eastwood style

ok. i'm signing off now for real. i can't keep doing this silly non-blogging and expect people to care!


ellipsisknits said...

I'm curious, have you read the watchmen book?

I read my husband's copy of it, and was really, really surprised by how literary it was. I am not at all sure how it will translate in the movie.

I *almost* watched the awards out of similar bored but not quite tired enough yet-ness, but happened to flip through at just the moment they were doing the heath award. Bleh crying and dramatics. I found something similarly pointless instead, and only miss oogling the dresses a little bit.

Homeless Parrot said...

no, i haven't - i thought it was a graphic novel. i'm interested in it, though - as it consistently ranks with great literature everywhere you look.