Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i'm swimming in a glut of new music. i joined emusic - a website that sells independent records. it's $15/month for 50 downloads. i like it better than itunes, because the music is MINE, and i don't have a finite amount of times i can burn it - and i don't have to convert it out of some stupid, special format to share with others. at any rate, i went a bit crazy today and downloaded the following:

okkervil river: the stage names (2007)
okkervil river: the stand ins (2008)
andrew bird: noble beast (2009)
bon iver: for emma, forever ago (2008)

the problem with having whole albums of new music at one time is that i don't sit at my desk and study for hours on end anymore. that was the perfect time during which to listen to new albums - savor the subtleties and complexities - revel in an album over and over until it was as familiar as my own skin.

lately, i've taken to listening to a lot of easy, trashy pop on the way to and from work (a mere 7 minute drive). this includes things like pink, britney spears, and katy perry. i feel dirty but oh so good when listening to this bubble gum pop.

on the other hand, i miss quality music. thus my quest to download all 35 of my songs left this month.

bon iver is amazing. the new andrew bird is predictably good.

unrelated - i was supposed to attend our local veterinary association monthly meeting (complete with free dinner) tonight. i elected to stay in, order pizza, and watch a movie with my better half. we watched 'michael clayton' with george clooney. it was surprisingly good. there was a great deal of character development, plot, and excellent acting. i thoroughly enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it.

i was scheduled to have today off - so i thought, but i wound up working with the soft tissue surgeon from my alma mater. the man is a phenom. he's been a vet for 35 years, is triple-boarded, and has mad surgery skills. working with him is eye-opening, so it was an excellent opportunity for me.

that's about all here...


Anonymous said...

It's hard to feel jaded when your hair is shiny and blonde!

Tayaki said...

is that the movie where he's a lawyer and some chemical company is trying to kill him?