Friday, February 27, 2009

feeling bloggy...

but not particularly insightful. tomorrow heralds my departure for home!!! yay!!! i am so glad to go home. i miss my husband, my fluffy animals, my house, my town, heck - even my job a little. i've learned some while i was here, although the visit was disappointing, i have to say. my hosts were fantastic, it was more the learning aspect of it that was very disappointing. enough said on that front, i suppose.

i went out to dinner the last 2 nights in a row with one of my husband's cousins (who also lives here). she is young, unmarried, and extremely easy to get along with. it was nice to have someone with whom i felt comfortable enough to discuss my many neuroses (and no, that's not ALL we discussed). i had a lovely time both nights, which is a sound reminder to get out and do stuff on occasion. on the downside, "doing stuff" often involves spending money. jim and i are trying to cinch the old financial belt in a few notches, get really going on our savings. so part of my reluctance to get out and do stuff was financially based. on the other hand, i tend to get kind of antisocial when i'm lonely/depressed.

anyway. i have off from my real job until wednesday (or tuesday, i'm not entirely sure - depends on when the surgeons come in) it will be nice to have a few quiet days at home. i'll get to go visit the fat horses and ride some, as well as finally join a gym. i'm doing it when i get back, by god. i'm sick of feeling sloth-ly. i WANT to be healthy. i don't care so much about weight loss. i just don't want to have a heart attack before i'm 40. heart disease runs in my family, so i need to be super vigilant about caring for my body/heart. i'm not doing that right now, and i haven't been doing it for a long time... so... TO THE GYM. i miss running too, as i was telling jim's cousin. when i first started running, it was pure torture, and i loathed it. but then, as i ran more and more, something happened. i started to feel actually GOOD at the end of a run. i remember the first time i ran 3 miles. at the end, i still wanted to run, i felt incredibly powerful, relaxed, and energized. i do miss that. i also miss that my periods were entirely tolerable when i was running. they lasted 4-5 days (instead of 7-9), i didn't have mind-numbing cramps, and i found the depressing fog that i often suffer to be almost nil. no one has to convince me of the benefit of exercise, it was readily apparent when i began running.

i have to work for the next 2 weeks, then i have a week off. AMAZINGLY, it happens to correspond with jim's spring break. that's a virtually unheard of coincidence around our house. i booked us tickets to florida. we're going to visit my grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins TOGETHER. we haven't been to florida together in quite some time. we'll also get to see our good friends and their adorable baby. this makes me very happy. it will be so nice to travel together for once.

i guess that's all the blathering i feel the need to do. i'm going to sleep soon, so i can get up fairly early and head for home!!!

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