Friday, January 2, 2009

set adrift on memory bliss...

i'm relaxing on my THREE HOUR LUNCH BREAK and taking a moment to blog. yes, i am working relief work again at a local, absolutely gorgeous veterinary clinic. i'm not sure how long the clinic - in this incarnation - has been open, but it is beautiful, clean, organized, and spacious. the exam rooms are pleasant, well-stocked, and cheery. in short - i love this place. alas, i do not think they are hiring.

i am at home, just enjoyed lunch with my better half, and i am LOVING this.

every time i work day practice, i again marvel at how much i enjoy it. yes, vaccinations and skin are rather dull. but today, i've already had 2 interesting cases - a little miniature breed dog with severe cervical pain and an older (9 years) female german shepherd that is wobbling in the rear. i heavily suspect a slipped disc in the former and german shepherd myelopathy in the latter. those aren't your routine vaccines.

i won't bore anyone with the pro/con list for day practice AGAIN. instead, i'll just say that i certainly haven't ruled anything out for next year...except a residency. i had an interesting case on new year's eve. i'll post about it later. it had a happy ending, by the way - so it won't be a vintage depressing homeless parrot post.

alright, back to relaxing:)

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