Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh yes...

wow. conferences are not relaxing. there's nothing relaxing about driving back and forth to orlando (45 minutes one way) daily, sitting in lectures for 7-9 hours, and roaming the exhibit hall with an overstuffed bag weighing me down in the meantime.

so - what have i done?

today was my cytology lab. it was 8:30am-5pm. if you're me, you've suddenly developed an inability to do ANYTHING right, as far as planning is concerned. i thought the lab was at 8am. didn't realize it wasn't until i was almost to orlando. then i realized it wasn't at the world center marriot (to which i had google map instructions) but at the nearby (i hoped) caribe royale. thankfully, i had inadvertently given myself an extra half hour to figure this out. finally, i made it to the lab only to realize that i'd left my ever so important, can't have lunch without it, get stoned if i even TRY to get into the lab without it ID tag. it was hanging in my car, back at the gaylord palms hotel.

other than today's poorly planned expedition, i have attended several excellent lectures - especially those by dr lee - a criticalist, seen some interesting new technology in the exhibit hall, picked up some good swag, and gone out to dinner with 2 classmates (now engaged to one another).

let's do some FUN math, shall we?

registration for the event (intern/resident fee) $140
cytology wetlab $450 (yes, i said FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS)
airfare $100 *god bless allegiant air!*
car rental $280
parking at the gaylord palms/day $12
toll road (to orlando and back) $4.50
lunch daily $15 (thankfully comped by the conference)

Grand total (out of pocket): Approx $1010
Work pays? $1000

Swag I acquired:
1) New Muir anesthesia handbook (Value approx $80-100)
2) 1GB knock-off Ipod shuffle (Value ??)
3) Basic veterinary procedures book (Value approx $35)
4) Other assorted goodies to include some LaFeber Nutriberries for
the birdies (Value approx $50)

In the end, I think I win.

Someone remind me to tell you about my 2 side-by-side nightmare cases that I euthanized the day before coming to Florida. they were fascinating - though ultimately unrewarding - cases.

what's new, eh?


all but 1 said...

Ooh, I love Dr. Lee! If I could have just one of her brain cells, I'd be 4x as smart as I am now. Really, she's the best thing about this internship.

Homeless Parrot said...

oh wow - she works with you?? you're very lucky. she was a fantastic speaker, and i felt i learned SO much from her. you can tell her i said so. her talk on DKA was phenomenal. she also gave a clinical brief on the big 4 and all the info it gives you. i was really impressed with her.

all but 1 said...

Wait, I'm thinking of Lee Herold. Who is Dr. Lee? (my brain capacity is shrinking in inverse relationship to the number of months I've put into the internship)

Homeless Parrot said...

yeah, i didn't think this dr lee was at your place, for some reason. her name is justine lee. she's a criticalist. i want to say that she's at NCSU, but i'm not 100% sure.

all but 1 said...

Oh, I do "know" her! She's a blogger, wrote 2 books and runs the alternative to the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline up in MN. She sent me a nice note once when I was whining on my blog.

Homeless Parrot said...

what's her blog?

DrSteggy said...

Justine Lee was a classmate of mine...though we really did not run in the same circles

all but 1 said...

http://questionsaboutdogs.blogspot.com/ is one of them