Saturday, January 24, 2009


i've flown quite a bit in the past few years - and every time i fly, my anxiety diminishes some. i still get mildly sweaty palms and a rapid pulse on take-off and landing, but overall - i can ALMOST sleep on a plane. all this flying has also taught me a great deal about when i can reasonably get to the airport and have enough time to check in, get through security, and board. like any decent american, i am impatient and despise waiting. i planned my trip to the orlando-sanford international airport carefully yesterday, arriving with a mere hour to spare before take-off. i was quite pleased with myself until the screen behind the counter flashed from my take-off time to one 2 hours later. ACK!!!

i sat in the airport for 3.5 hours yesterday. it was great times. we landed 2.5 hours late. i still had to drive 2 hours home from the airport. i suppose it goes without saying that i wasn't in the best mood ever when i finally arrived home.

and now i'm at work. we have 2 patients in the hospital.

the recession is doing its magic...

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