Thursday, January 27, 2005

an ecstasy of terror

an ecstasy of terror
tomorrow is my first test. gastrointestinal physiology. i am - in a word........... actually one word won't do it. i'm terrified, vaguely nauseous (could be the mcdonalds i had for lunch) and shaky. why? you might wonder - considering that i came through my first semester with better than a B average? because...the test tomorrow covers GI phys - the class is taught by a chilean with no organizational skills - and 70% of the questions on the test are written by my classmates. yep, you read that right - we have to write most of the test ourselves. each of us is responsible for 3 questions - format of our choosing (save no t/f or long essay). that gives the prof 210 questions to pick the test from (not counting his 30%)... i have no idea what to expect. some of my classmates should be fine for this task (i THINK myself included) but others...eek. i'm really scared. i'll be honest.

i shouldn't be. all i have to do is at least be average...i keep telling myself that. everyone wants to be normal - no one wants to be average, right? well, i would be happy with average.
off to study more.

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