Friday, January 14, 2005

world of the dead horse

i'm probably starting to smell like formaldehyde. we have 10 dead ponies/horses hanging in the anatomy lab - and the stench is almost unbearable. my eyes and throat ache. i was horse (haha) for an hour after lab. it's icky.

so, as all can see, we started butchering our ponies. it's altogether a horse of a different color (haha) when compared with dog dissection. much more hacking, much less being careful. at any rate, i'm finding it very enjoyable. much more so than the dog. we named our horse seabiscotti. we wanted seabiscuit, but our pony is a girl, so ...

as for school. it's only the 3rd day today - and i've already studied for a cumulative 11 hours or so. not to mention the 19 hours of class. does that add up to more than 72 hours? it feels like it should. at any rate, it's friday - AND it's a 3 day weekend. so i'm happy. nothing else to report.

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