Saturday, January 8, 2005

for love of jane austen

well, i just finished my fifth book since school finished - the literary masterpiece 'pride and prejudice' - which of course i loved. i must have. i started it this afternoon and have just finished it. the rest of this post will be my lame attempt at victorian speech.

i have now as of late completed meditation on a literary work rife with witticsms and passion.
it caused sincerest felicity ...
i can't do this.

for those of you who haven't read it - i highly recommend it. jane austen has a somewhat caustic wit about her that keeps you interested constantly. of course, most of you are probably more literate than i - though i am working hard to read all the important classics (i have been eyeing don quixote for a while) - and have likely already read the book. i know my grandmother would be apoplectic if she knew i just lately read an austen work. i therefore send my heartfelt apologies to her for this oversight on my part. i am now wholeheartedly prepared to dive into 5.5 hours of pbs movie -- in fact, i'm so excited, i can hardly stand it. alison owns the complete movie - and she is in bed by now. so i dare not call and disturb her. but i long to wake her - to express my admiration for austen, my love of darcy...

on that note - i would like to defend my never having read austen before by saying that i have read many, many recently written books that will be classics - when i am old and grey. mcmurtry's 'lonesome dove' is certainly a modern classic - easily comparable to tolstoy or someboy else who wrote dense, important works. gone with the wind is a certain classic ... although it's probably already acknowledged as such.

ahhh. drat. i have to wait at least 6 more hours to disturb alison. i will never survive. bed is unthinkable. and now, i have rambled far enough. i will take this opportunity to warn family and friends that the next semester makes fall semester look like a cake walk. our schedule is terrible. we don't get out of class earlier than 3p almost every single day. so don't expect postcards :)
luv y' - as dad would say.

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