Monday, November 3, 2008

triple ugh.

ugh. i am sick. not the fun kind of sick where you only feel slightly bad - enough to justify lying prone on the couch and watching TV. nope, i'm the staggering around in a dayquil/nyquil induced fog cannot think straight want to sleep all the time fog. i feel awful. i would chalk this up to a bad head cold, except that both of my mandibular lymph nodes are swollen and painful. i don't think that typically goes along with your run-of-the-mill cold. but what do i know?? i'm an animal doctor. hee hee. i have lymphadenopathy. if i were a dog, i'd diagnose myself with probable lymphoma and aspirate my own lymph nodes.

ok that was the nyquil talking.

i missed friday and saturday night at work. it sucked. it made me feel like a total slacker. i never complain when i'm not at work, but i hate calling in because other people have to pick up my slack, obviously. i worked in a day clinic on saturday. i wasn't able to call in at that place, because i was the only doctor working and they were relying on me to be there. at least at my "real job" on the weekends there are 2 interns and 1 senior clinician.

i went in last night, and i was predictably miserable. plus, i had to do surgery - which super-duper sucked. i did a c-section. my first c-section, actually. i hope the dog is still doing well. i was very scared- mostly due to a) being so sick i couldn't think straight and b)the dog had HUMONGOID veins and arteries from being pregnant.

all 4 puppies survived. hooray. i laid down at 1:15am, sick, miserable, and foggy only to be awakened at 6:30am with a patient.

**sigh** i'm off tonight, for some odd reason - but i have to work tuesday night. if i haven't died.

ok, i'm going back to the couch to continue watching season 2 of gilmore girls.

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