Thursday, November 20, 2008

hi-ho's off to work i go...

tomorrow, i return to work for a four day stint. our schedule is very strange. when we're on days - we typically work 7-8 days in a row. then we have 3-4 days off, then we go back and work the noon to midnight weekend shift (which is friday through monday).

i'm on the four day weekend shift this time around. tomorrow, the orthopedic service from my alma mater comes up and does orthopedic surgery and sees referral appointments. they bring along the current seniors (class of 2009) and they do spays/neuters/declaws/etc while the orthopod does surgery. the noon to midnight intern is in charge (so it's really 9am till midnight - except i think i finish when the senior students finish, so i could conceivably leave as early as 5pm).

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