Thursday, November 6, 2008

scattered, incoherent thoughts on the president elect

i'm sure everyone who follows my blog knows how depressed i am that we just elected an inexperienced senator from the chicago political machine to the highest political office in the land (a man whose idea of fixing our economic crisis is to "redistribute the wealth" b/c it worked so well for so many other socialist countries).

i was not a huge fan of bush. i was not and am still not a huge fan of mccain (he's conservative by a HAIRSBREADTH) - although i respect his experience and service to our country. i do not like obama most of all.

the election is over, and instead of looking at the bleak side of things...i am going to hope for the best. perhaps obama will choose his advisors wisely - looking to people that are in no way similar to his lifelong mentor and church leader, jeremiah wright.

i can only hope that this is the case. i want to be optimistic - and it sure beats looking ahead glumly.

this election also reminded me again that it is all a puppet show. a 2 party system in which the only candidates that could possibly afford to sustain a campaign are millionaires many times over (and consummate politicians) is no way to run a democracy dammit!! third party !! third party!! fourth party too!!

plato may have had a point with that whole republic idea.

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