Friday, November 7, 2008


i just attended my 4th avett brothers concert. they are so ridiculously, freakishly talented that i'm amazed anew every single time. this show was no exception. it was a bit of a departure from their other shows - they played more of their lesser known music and a great deal of newer stuff. it was also not all rompin' stompin' bluegrass like the last show. nonetheless, it was fantastic. they are becoming polished performers - but not in an obvious way.

i WAS really excited, because they're going to play one of the best venues within a 3 hour radius in december - the same place i saw them this time last year. unfortunately, i am scheduled to work.

sadness ensues.

ah well. perhaps one of my comrades will want new year's eve off work and will choose to swap a night with me...we shall see.

tomorrow is college football and homecoming. also - my sister-in-law's birthday, which we will celebrate with friends and family after our (presumed) football victory.

our head coach was fired. after 30 years at the school...he has been fired. i was all for it, until i saw the press conference and watched him visibly choked up by the loss of his job. on the other hand, he doesn't get paid millions and millions of dollars every year to lose 6 games!! still - it was bittersweet. i'm very interested to see what next season brings in terms of a new coach. i've been immersed in college football since my then boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to its previously dubious charms in 1997. ever since then, i'm a junkie.

as you might expect, this previous illness has not killed me - and i will live to see another horrendous head cold/flu bug/? the husband has the great misfortune of now being ill. i have the even greater misfortune of caring for him. (really, i'm kidding. he doesn't whine at all - not NEARLY as much as i do).

i promise to post something vaguely related to veterinary medicine again soon.

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