Monday, November 24, 2008

there are no words. or at least, only a few words.

omigod. there is nothing to say about this weekend other than this:

i did my first GDV / splenectomy surgery BY MYSELF (no attending clinician) followed today by my first NEPHRECTOMY BY MYSELF. big dog little dog attack, fractured kidney, partially torn renal artery (which comes off the aorta - the biggest blood vessel in the body), tons of blood in the abdomen. it was SOOOOO much fun. and by fun, i mean awful, terrifying, and in the end, fruitless.

i will elaborate at another date, but for now...OMIGOD.

**ps: nephrectomy = kidney removal


Can'tSpell, DVM said...

I remember the first splenectomy I did by myself- you're right, fun = scary. I've not done a GDV yet... small town. Good job!

Sharon said...

How exciting even though I don't know what a splenectomy is but congrats!