Tuesday, November 18, 2008

who is john galt?

so 'the last days of dogtown' has been moved to the back burner, and i'm taking another run at my personal literary everest...'atlas shrugged.' once upon a time, 'the fountainhead' was my literary everest. it took me 5 attempts - the first four, i couldn't make it past the first 30 pages or so. on the fifth try, i became totally and completely immersed and burned through the book in no time (relatively). so far, i'm riveted, naturally. ayn rand is nothing if not compelling. should i finish it this time, i will have to find another literary everest. oh wait. i already have one: the gormenghast trilogies...

insert segue here:

when we went to the avett bros concert back a bit ago (2 weeks?) - i came in at the tail end of the opening band. the bijou is the ONLY venue that runs on time, in my experience. when it says "show starts at 8pm" - well then - the opening band is on at 8pm dammit. so, we missed 98% of the opening band. i got to hear the end of the song "i will be released" by matt butcher and the revolvers. i was very sad to have missed them - because - from what i can tell, the music is great. so check them out:


you can also see the stuff from knoxville on youtube, if you just type in avett brothers knoxville - it will bring up the matt butcher stuff, too.

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