Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sorry blog readers

I have been a bit flaky lately about the veterinary posts - so much going on in my life that work has taken a back seat. The wonderful news is that my mom DOES NOT have cancer. She was suffering uterine hyperplasia. This was likely what happened with my aunt. She was suffering hyperplasia and it went untreated for years, eventually transforming into malignant cancer. Had my mother waited, this likely would have occurred with her, as well. Luckily, the tissue is out. It's such a huge relief!

Now I have to keep my fingers crossed that my aunt's chemotherapy will go well. She had her first treatment today. She also received the not so great news that due to enlarged lymph nodes in her abdomen, radiation therapy will be needed. Her prognosis is good, from what I understand.

I'll work on some vet posts and get back to you guys ASAP, I promise.


Tammy said...

Good news! Sending out good thoughts to you and your family that all will go well for your aunt!

Mary said...

Great news for your mom -- so happy to hear it!

Jennifer said...

Soooo happy about your Mom. Best wishes for your Aunt and the fight ahead!