Saturday, April 30, 2005

it's 11:30pm

do you know where your significant other is?

i'm here - at school. where i've been since 9am this morning. i have now passed the 14 hour mark for today. and i won't be going home for AT LEAST 2 more hours. i wasn't kidding when i said my days are loooooong. we have a micro anatomy test tomorrow that myself and my classmates are desperately cramming for. it's going to be difficult, i'm sure. i'm so tired, i can't see straight. i can barely read my own handwriting sometimes. i have 2 more sections to get through - one being renal anatomy - which is very very very very long. and then male reproductive. and then...maybe i can go to bed. the next 19 days of my life are going to be pure hell. though - when i say 19 days - i can barely believe that's all that's left of my first year of vet school. where does the time ago?

i bombed my first test or quiz this semester. it was in gross anatomy. i made a whopping 20 points out of 50 possible. that's a 40% for those less-math inclined than my cell phone calculator. i wasn't devastated, because when i left the quiz, i knew it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. i can only blame myself. i didn't do squat all of spring break or ables week. and now, i'm way behind and have to do things like this to myself to catch up. but - it makes me feel better that at least 20 of my classmates are within a 100 yard radius of myself at this very time. i'm not alone. and that's sometimes nice to know.

well, that was my break. time to start urinary anatomy.

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