Friday, April 29, 2005


not much to post, i suppose. i feel totally relaxed. i don't know why. i have 5 finals literally on my doorstep, and i couldn't care less. i feel almost carefree. i haven't thought about finals all day. i've kinda given myself (most) the day off. a friend is coming over to get some free tutoring from me tonight in micro anatomy -but that's probably all the studying i will do. i feel totally guiltless. it's a nice feeling. i did some light shopping today, put together a present for my friend (jessica) whose birthday is today, and cleaned up my house. i feel so light and airy. it's odd. all my other friends and acquaintances are running at max throttle stress level. i just go shopping...

it's so rainy here. it's supposed to rain alllllll week. i guess that's a good thing, i won't be tempted to play (and procrastinate) when it's nasty outside. although, hasn't stopped me today. i'll be buckling down and getting serious tomorrow, i suppose. one more week - 5 tests - and i'm officially a 2nd year vet student. still amazes me. i guess i'll be more amazed when i actually pass everything... i've done a lot of the best case/worst case scenario figuring for my grades. i need a 90 on the final in anatomy to get a B. i don't see that happening. i think the highest i've ever made on an actual anatomy exam is 88. to keep my B in phys, i need a 55 on the final. not too hard to achieve, i hope. to keep my A in parasit, i have to do moderately well (high B, low A range), micro - don't know, don't care, shouldn't be hard, and epidemiology - need an A or very high B to keep an A. but really, at this point, i don't care about my grades. i just want to be finished.

i'm really excited about a movie coming out in july called 'night watch' - it's russian and will be subtitled, the title is actually 'nochnoi dozor' -- and the preview is just mind blowing. i get so excited everytime i see it. i hope so much that it's a good movie. it's a horror/fantasy thing about the balance between good and evil. it will probably be terrible - given my propensity for loving previews of bad movies, but i can hope, right? the trailer has a song by m83 in it - a band i have just started listening to recently - so that seemed like a cosmic sign...

i guess that's all here. i haven't much to report. i'm kind of hanging in limbo right now, waiting for finals to officially begin...keep me in your thoughts:)

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