Thursday, April 7, 2005

finished with micro anatomy

i just finished my micro test. it went well. i didn't make an A - but i think i made a B probably. i was mostly happy with my performance. i was at school last night until 2:45. i got to bed around 3:15. and up at 6:50. miraculously, i am still conscious. i have a class at 11am. i could have skipped it, but considering i've only attended once in the past month and a half, i thought today would be a good day to go. god knows why. it's only a half day today though!! yay! this weekend (fri and sat) is the vet school open house. in those 2 days, about 3000 people come through the school to see all the exciting things we do. i am working both days, unfortunately. titus and carnegie are coming with me tomorrow to be on display for the people to meet. i'm excited about working in the exotics ward. saturday, however - i am stuck working in indoor traffic - which sucks. i act as a sentry to stand in one place and tell people where not to go. not too fun - especially considering our anatomy quiz on monday and our renal physiology test on next thursday. it's a bit nauseating to think about. especially with everything else looming just over the horizon - more tests and then a full week (5 days straight) of finals. i am trying to take it one day at a time and not look too far forward into the future. if i do, my blood pressure sky rockets, my heart palpates, and i get faint. so, i'm working hard on not doing that.

18 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have 18 more days of class and finals (weekends excluded) and then i am officially a 2nd year vet student.

18 days !!!! 18 days !!! 18 days !!! 18 days !!!! 18 days !!! 18 days !!!! 18 days !!!! only 57 tests more to go !!!! kidding (mostly).

on other notes - wait - there are no other notes. are there? i'm confused. i don't really know what day it is or where i am or who i am. but i know that micro anatomy is over - which means i have to start cramming for anatomy and phys. ah. vet school.

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