Friday, April 22, 2005


something about the rebirth of cloistered, hidden life makes me wild with joy. i think they call it spring fever. i have it so bad. we have 2 more weeks. 3 days of class (4 if you count today) and then 2 study days, the weekend, and wham - 5 finals in a row - and then - joy oh joy - i am finished with my first year of vet school. i couldn't be more ready for it to be over. we had a final today - our virology class. i knocked it out of the ballpark. ok - not true. i did well, but i'm
probably in the B range. considering how much study time i had for it - i am thrilled with my performance. no more tests till a week and 4 days from now! YAY! to celebrate, myself, my hooband, and 15 or so of my classmates AND their dogs all went to sequoyah hills park today. it's a really nice park on the waterfront in ritzy sequoyah hills. the dogs chased toys - we played ultimate frisbee (which is really fun - but way too much exercise) and in general - lapped up the sun like flowers long deprived. it was so much fun. i feel good - for once. despite the looming specter of finals just over the horizon. i am looking forward to summer - though at this point - it looks like i will probably be working 2 jobs. but that's ok - one will be parrot research, the other a clinic job (in all likelihood).

i took the night off in celebration of my first successfully completed final - and watched ER and the apprentice. when ER was on - i was delighted to hear anatomical and medical terms that i knew! it gave me a decidedly thrilling little chill to realize that i am going TO BE a DOCTOR. with a DR in front of my name. a real doctor...

i'm sure that there is more to relate, but it's all gone flat outta my head right now. i love spring. i wish it could always be spring. i wish i could always be this happy. i'm working on it...but it does take work...

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