Tuesday, April 3, 2007

what i am doing? i'll give you one guess.

i bet you didn't guess sitting at my computer, listening to rogue wave, and studying. ok, so you probably got the computer and studying part - but come on, the rogue wave was outta left field, right?!?

i would bitch about how awful my day was - and NOT as a result of studying - but it would be so whiny. ok ok, i'll do it anyway. university policy states that there are to be no classes in the 2 days prior to exams. right-o? pretty much a universal rule - colleges, state schools, everybody in higher education agrees on this. except - apparently - the magical world of the veterinary school. yeah, we had 6 hours today (from 8-2 WITHOUT a lunch break) in which we were introduced to the heads of all the departments and given STACKS of manuals, paperwork, and information about our shortly to begin 4th, final, and clinical year. now, this information would ordinarily be helpful and somewhat exciting to receive - heralding the start of the last year i will have to sacrifice my life for my education. except it comes the day before 3 finals - all comprehensive. now, on top of that, i have mindnumbing PMS for which i cannot find a satisfactory cure. i actually came home and slept for 3 hours before commencing my studies (an unprecedented occurrence the day before a FINAL exam, the material for which i have not completely covered, nor did i attend all (or even most) of the lectures).

SOOOOOOOO. here i sit, at 12am - with several more hours of small animal ortho to finish...before i can even think of trying to sleep (if my coffee-addled brain will even allow such a thing). **Sigh** they also managed to pile on us (today) a massive list of stuff we have to accomplish soon - including getting my stupid rabies vax - which i should have had long ago anyway and for which i now have to cough up $500 or so. as if my to-do lists aren't already pages and pages and pages and pages long (and pages) (and pages.). a small summary would include buying comfortable but dressy pants for clinics, ordering the special crocs in ballet flats instead of ugly old clogs, getting an RX for my allergies before they off me (the allergies, that is - or the pollen maybe), getting my car tag renewed (expired 2 months), geting a new contact RX (been wearing the same 2 out of date contacts for at LEAST a month, if not more), registering to take the NAVLE and getting fingerprinted (yeah, we have to get fingerprinted - i know - WHAT?), and on and on and on. plus i'm out of things like razors, shaving cream, and detergent. but who has time for that crap anyway?

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