Friday, April 13, 2007

i will never eat french fries or go to hooter's on a friday night again

you might wonder what those 2 things have to do with one another...and you would be right to do so. tonight was the 3rd annual 'eat for elephants' contest. our class has organized and hosted it every year. the last 2 years were a chicken nugget and hot dog eating contest, respectively. this year, our VP went crazy and got hooters to let us have it there. it was an eating relay - in which teams of 3 had to eat fries, wings, and key lime pie.

i've never eaten food that fast. ever in my life. it's revolting. stuffing down cold, congealed, hard curly fries by the handful and chasing it with water - god, it ws horrid. i was the first to go on the team, and i had to eat a huge bowl of fries. i didn't think it'd be a problem at all - i LOVE french fries. when they're hot and fresh. NOT when they've been sitting in a bowl, congealing in their own grease for 45 minutes. i can't begin to tell you how disgusting it was. i get nauseated thinking about it. i'll never eat french fries again (chyeah, right). at the end, the french fries started to come back up. i had to take a breather for a moment, so that i could get my bearings. but i got them all down. and i won for that part of the relay. unfortunately , we fell behind in the wing eating department. then alisha swooped in and inhaled 2 pieces of key lime in about a minute and a half - no exaggeration. it was unreal. but we still came in 2nd, with the loser 2nd years beating us out :(

of course, i will be posting pictures of this disgusting-ness that constituted my friday night. but only when i switch to my desktop.

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