Friday, April 13, 2007

*sigh* here i am again, and why the long face?

you'd think i'd be happy. i'm finished forever with final exams, with 8 hours a day of lecture followed by 4 hours a night of studying. all that's over and done with - finito, as i said...but the vet school, in all its infinite wisdom, has seen fit to give us not one but two weeks of accreditation and transfer seminars. yup, instead of giving us a break between now and the beginning of the end literally and figuratively - we have to sit in a dark, smelly, windowless classroom for the next week (as the previous week is FINALLY over) and listen to lecture after lecture after lecture on foreign animal diseases, federal veterinarians, our role as private practitioners, and on and on. next week will be filled with lectures on how to negotiate for a job, how to negotiate a contract, and other business stuff. 2 weeks of this - 8-5 every single freaking day. it's been god awful. and it's not just sitting there, either. we have assignments, too. in fact, the day after my last final exam, we had to give group presentations. not all of us, mind you - just the 5 groups unlucky enough to be picked to go that first day (mine included, of course). so instead of coming home from my derm exam and the BBQ that i organized and implemented for 200 people, i came home and frantically worked on my powerpoint presentation. it was GREEEEEEEEEEEEEAT! as tony the tiger would say. the next day, after the presentation was over, and the excruciating 8 hours of lecture done with, i came home and fell asleep for 14 hours straight (till the next morning, obviously).

so, anyway. yeah, finals are over. i don't know any of my grades. i went into finals with all As, and i think i'll come out with all Bs. but who cares? it's over. at least that part of it is. i'm apprehensive about clinics -but i guess everyone is. or maybe most of us are just ready - so ready - to be there...and to be out and having a real life. i'm so ready to be away from the vet school i can taste it like an oil on my tongue. that taste that coffee leaves in your mouth, long after the coffee is gone.

my mom called me tonight from outback. she was there with all my brothers, save john, their girlfriends, and my dad. it sounded fun. it made me sad that i wasn't there. i feel so far away from them sometime. but i'm here - and i have so much to do...

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