Friday, April 6, 2007

3 down, 1 to go

i'm finished with all but 1 final. FOREVER. no more after this. i am finished with sitting on my butt all day and studying. it's an exciting thought.

thursday's test, large animal orthopedics, specifically cow feet - was a raping and then some. but oh well. i had middling A (94) going into the exam. i'll be pleased to get out of the class with a B. i'm pretty sure i tanked on it. i reached some sort of mental wall, and i couldn't get around it. normally, if i take my time on a test, recheck my answers, and just kind of sit - the answers will come to me. i always have faith that the answers are there, in my brain. this time, i just ....... couldn't ....... think. it was like trying to slog through 8 inches of mental mud. i actually threw up my hands during the practical portion and turned my test in without fixing an answer i knew to be wrong. i guess you could say i'm finished. no more. finito. stick a fork in me, i'm done. it's clinics for me, and then no more school forever. of course, i say that now. but watch, in 6 years, i'll be considering a phD. i'm a sick, sick person.

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