Wednesday, April 18, 2007

monday comes too soon (maybe)

i don't think that's actually true. mentally, i may not be ready - but the longing to be finished with classes is so strong, it overrides any feelings of inadequacy and unpreparedness that i may (do) have. any rate, monday heralds the beginning of my final, clinical year at the good 'ole VTH. it's almost incomprehensible to me. further evidence that the passage of time can seem like the movement of molasses and the speed of light, all at one time. how can i be almost 28 years old? married for almost 10 years? entering my FINAL year of graduate school, shortly about to begin a real life that involves a professional career, finances, 401Ks, employees? how can i be ready to have people report to me? look to me for answers? trust me with the lives of their beloved pets and family members??

ack! so much to ponder. maybe i should ponder my way over to my ophthalmology book so that i won't look like a complete dunce come monday and my ophtho rotation. which is a GREAT rotation to start with, because i love eyes, i love the ophtho clinicians, and it's lower stress than other rotations. a good place to get my bearings...

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