Wednesday, March 28, 2007

school update

i guess i haven't talked much about school lately (other than open house). this semester has been so much better than the previous. i've been insanely busy - but as i said before - it's mostly non-core class related. i spent 9ish straight hours yesterday working on my 'what's your diagnosis' submission for JAVMA (journal of the american vet assoc). the first draft is finished, thank god. after 2 more hours of tweaking today, plus meeting with a board-certified radiologist to discuss my interpretation of the CT scans. it's a really neat case. once (if) it's published, i'll post it here. but that'll be a year or so - probably right around when i graduate.

at any rate, my point was that - at this point in time - i have straight As in all 7 of my classes. not too shabby, eh? of course, if i don't start studying for my finals, that could rapidly change. but it probably won't. finals start on tuesday of next week and continue through monday of the following. so if i drop off the radar (which i probably won't) that's where i am.

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