Tuesday, March 6, 2007

do i look like i care about carpal hygromas?

apparently my large animal ortho professors think i do. ah well, no convincing them otherwise. suppose i'd better try and learn something before the prison-style raping i expect to be coming my way on thursday. *sigh* the life of a vet student. no, in all seriousness, school has lightened so much this last semester of classes that i laugh at my own academic laissez-faire. for those of you reading, i have no idea if i'm using that term correctly. i know that laissez-faire is an approach to business/economics that basically means 'government keep out' - but it's also french for leave it be/alone. so, i think i can reasonably use it here. if anyone out there wants to correct me, please - FEEL FREE. maybe i should say c'est la vie. but i don't think that conveys my utter lack of motivation/caring. hrm. there's got to be some cool french saying for how totally ambivalent i am about the impending doom of my large animal ortho exam (coming on the heels of yesterday's small animal ortho exam, on which i did reasonably well, i feel).

i think the coffee has sunk its fangs into me deeply.............off to study more about lameness in those ridiculous four-legged animals i like to ride.

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