Sunday, March 18, 2007

home sweet home

when we broke out of the extremely low cloud cover, only about 100 feet above the airport, i felt a sense of relief. i was home. i didn't realize i missed home so much until i saw it again. the mountains, the rivers, the familiar homes and roads, tennessee. i thoroughly enjoyed my time alone, with my thoughts and with the utter lack of any real responsibility. everything finally went out of my head for a while, and i just drifted along for a week - concerned with nothing in particular. it was the blankest mental week i've ever had. i'm glad for it, because now i'm back - facing my final 2 weeks of classes, followed by a week of exams, 2 weeks of transitioning, and then a long, hard, last year before i can put this experience behind me and begin an 'adult' sort of life.

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