Wednesday, May 3, 2006

finals are here

today was our first, alimentary systems (GI eg vomiting and diarrhea 101). it was scantron. the teacher had it graded and posted within 2 hrs. i made a 98. but then, of my 67 classmates, 66 made As. the teacher was excellent, he told us what would be on the final, and that's what was on it. i studied for it, i went to all the lectures, i learned a lot, and i aced the final (along with the rest of my classmates). it makes me happy because GI is a 4 hour course - the largest course hours-wise this semester, and i made an A in it. that means that i have 4 hours of 4.0, which is GREAT. as it stands, i have 4 As - ophtho, nutrition, endocrinology, and GI. our zoonoses final is friday, i currently have an A in that class, too. unfortunately, my other 2 classes - neuro and pharm - are both Cs. and the finals are back to back - monday and tuesday. i have to work extra hard to pull those grades up to Bs. neuro is so low (72) that i don't think i'll have a shot in hell at an A. i need a perfect score to manage that. not gonna happen. i suck at neurology. pharm, on the other hand, is much closer to a B. i have a 78. so i could conceivably pull that up to an A. probably not likely though. still, i would be thrilled to come out of this semester with 5As and 2Bs. it would bring my GPA above a 3.5, i think. which is the minimum, generally, for a residency. so i've heard.

i'm not nearly as stressed as i thought i would be by this point. i'm just here, existing. i have to do the best i can, and what else can you do, really? vet school is my life currently, there's just no getting around it. i've been taking it relatively easy during finals week. studying but not frantically using up every available second. a lot of my classmates are being very disciplined, which makes me feel like a huge slacker, but ... ah well.

i've been listening to the soundtrack from the new pride and prejudice frequently. it's so good. and a friend of mine has gotten me into some really amazing music lately - that i've been listening to repetitively. i can't afford to buy anymore music from itunes, so i'm waiting for my birthday to get full CDs. i only have really cool songs here and there. and i keep listening to the itunes samples of the CDs, because i can't afford to actually buy them all. i love itunes. i love music.

i feel pretty good today. i don't know why. maybe it's because i've lost 13 lbs, the end of finals is in sight, 3rd year is looming near, summer is almost here, and the weather today was flawless. i spent 3 hours outside, in the sun, studying zoonoses. my expensive red dye job is already two shades lighter. if i keep studying outside, i'll be totally blonde again, within the month. i'm sure all of you that are fans of my naturally blonde hair will be glad to see that. and i'm ready to be blonde again, for a while anyway.

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