Sunday, April 30, 2006

against my better judgement

i more or less screwed off this past week. watched movies, slept a lot, went to the last week of classes, and assiduously did not study. i couldn't bring myself to do it. i needed the break too bad. i did study yesterday. and i've been studying most of today. taking a break now. finals start on wednesday and last till next tuesday. then it's over. i cannot explain how relieved i will be when next tuesday finally gets here. this semester has been unparalleled in its awfulness. for more reasons than one.

last night was fun. we all went out for jessica's 25th birthday, to parkside tavern. good food, a few drinks, a nice night altogether. i went to bed early and got up this morning at 10ish to study. which i've been doing - more or less - ever since.

nothing else much to report here. i'm sure i'll be more interesting after finals are over.

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