Thursday, April 13, 2006

you would think that antibiotics and other drugs would be a kind of important thing to learn. but no, i've learned nothing. our pharm midterm was today, and it was so nasty. so unbelievably bad. the person in our class who normally makes an A and makes fun of us all after tests, because she never thinks they were hard - WELLED UP IN TEARS - post-pharm exam. it was that bad. i think i was sure about the answers to 10 of the 40 3.75 point questions. as the exam went along, i felt a sinking sensation in my stomach. i had to guess on so many. and not - intelligent, 'i can narrow it down to 2 answers guessing' - but 'omigod, i've never seen that drug before!' guessing. not a good feeling. everyone i talked to after the test said it was awful, and they guessed a great deal, too. the outcome of the test is upsetting me, but it's also the fact that i've learned virtually nothing in there. i blame it, partially, on bacteriology. i studied really hard for bacteriology, and i retained absolutely NOTHING from that class. it was the class (last year) - where the test average would be a 56 or a 45. our final had a 30 point curve. i think that i never made above a 67 on a a test, and i got a B+ in the stupid class. it was a waste of time. and now we're trying to learn antibiotics for bacterial infections, when most of the time, i can't even tell you if the bacteria is gram + or gram -. anyway. no more time to complain about it. our zoonoses midterm is on monday. 150+ pages of reading that i havent' even GLANCED at since the class started. it's going to be horrible. but isn't it always?

nothing else to report here. i go to school, i come home. i see j on occasion, when i eat, and sometimes when i go to bed at night. i see my birds and cats probably even less. ahh, vet school.

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