Sunday, April 2, 2006

apparently, i'm all talk.

i missed a mere 7 points on the 2nd portion of nutrition, so i squeaked in slightly above the A mark, with a 90.1% in the class. amazing. i feel like giving the professor back the A and asking for the grade i really deserved, due to my slacker-dom. but whatever.

neuro was on friday. it was brutal. i'd rather not think about that grade. we'll see. it was evil scantron, so no room for error and no room in which to explain thought processes. you either got it right or you missed it. but i'm finished with 2 classes now, endocrine and nutrition, and i have As in both. ophtho winds up this coming thurs. leaving me with a mere 6 classes or so before the end of the semester. not too bad.

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