Sunday, April 2, 2006

another death

jim's grandmother died yesterday. we were there when it happened, in bristol. we had gone to visit, since grandma hadn't been drinking or eating well for the past several days. she'd also been having trouble breathing. the hospice people knew that it wouldn't be long, as did jim's dad. so all of us went down there yesterday to say goodbye. we hadn't been there an hour or so, when she died peacefully. she struggled with alzheimer's for something in the neighborhood of 15 years. her decline was slow, but in the last few weeks, it's come on very fast. i don't think anyone expected her to live as long as she has. i'm thankful that she is at rest, i just hope jim's grandad does ok. it's definitely going to change his life in some fundamental ways.

i'm gettingto be some kind of funeral afficianado. i've been to more funerals in the past 3 months than ever in my life. it's not a fun way to spend time. this time, i won't be missing any tests, thankfully, though i won't have as much time to prepare for my ophtho final as i need. it's not the end of the world. it's more important to be with jim and his family now then worry about the small stuff.

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