Saturday, May 20, 2006

low key summer

well, not much to talk about here. i've been having a - more or less - relaxing summer so far. wednesday, my grandparents and parents came up for the day. i cooked them dinner - and andrew and rhi came, too. it was nice. we went thrift store hopping and had lunch, as well. i'm blanking out on what i did thursday - but i did something. oh yes, i got up early, cleaned the house, worked out at the gym, went to border's with jim. i scribbled in my journal, he studied. we were there until about 7ish, then we came home and watched a movie. american psycho. about as random as i remember it being the first time. friday, i got up, worked out, went riding with a classmate at her barn - where i learned a little bit of barrel racing (really really fun!) and was offered a job teaching riding lessons at $35 an hour (which i gladly accepted), came home, showered, drove to greeneville with jim for phillip's high school graduation.

we left late friday night to come home (midnight) - and the timing belt went on the car. AGAIN. apparently, the first time we had it fixed, it was done incorrectly. luckily we only paid $500 for that job. in case sarcasm doesn't translate on the internet, that was HEAVILY sarcastic. it tore up when i was coming back from florida for spring break last year. it was easter sunday - so we had to find the one place open to fix it. and they gouged us, of course. and they didn't even do it right, turns out. lovely, eh? ah, at any rate. we had to rent a tow-behind - and andrew towed our car home. so here i am. jim's working on fixing it.

the weekend isn't slowing any for busy-ness. luke is spending the night here. so...yeah.

tomorrow is my last day of freedom before work starts. i almost typed 'before school starts' - which is kind of apt, since it's research and it's at school - unfortunately. but the riding lessons will give me a break from school - and i'm bound and determined to have a fun summer - dammit.

i guess that's all to report here. i'm really tan - due to my day at the steeplechase, my riding yesterday, and my attempt to be out in the sun every opportunity that presents itself. those opportunities have been very scarce this week. the one week i have off before work starts, and the weather has been cool and rainy. :(

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