Sunday, May 7, 2006


is going to be a terrible terrible day. starting with our neurology final at 9am. i made a 72 on the midterm, which isn't atrocious, considering that 25% of the class made a D or an F. but still - it's low. and neurology is freaking hard. i'm actually nauseated when i think about taking this test. it scares me that much. i'm never going to be a brain surgeon, because i SUCK at neurology.

after that's over, i get to pull a likely all-nighter, frantically cramming pharmacology notes into my brain. that's going to be a bastard of a test too. i have a C in that class as well. closer to a B though, a 77.8% or something ridiculous like that. and the teacher does not round - at all. so i have that grade, not a 78%. and if i wind up with a 79.9% - then i get a C+. it's going to be miserable tomorrow. i'm going to be mentally exhausted from taking neuro - then i have to turn around and try to learn all the pharmacology i've been putting off.

but - then it's over. after pharm, we're taking the 1st years on the plant walk, to collect toxic plants for toxicology, then tuesday night is a big ribfest/drunkfest at rhino's place. that should be fun. provided i don't drink enough to throw up. we shall see.

keep me in your thoughts. i'm on shaky mental ground at the moment.

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