Tuesday, May 23, 2006

music, ah music.

there is so much ridiculously good music in the world. and you never hear any of it on the radio. because the radio plays the same re-mixed, processed, canned crap over and over and over again. even 'alternative' radio is the same nu-metal music that i've heard a thousand times. thank god for itunes and people with musical taste besides myself. my friends are helping me branch out. the great thing about "weird" music is that the CDs are cheap used on amazon (HINT HINT - CHECK MY WISHLIST, because i'll be 27 soon:) those interested in unearthing some music that's truly worthy, check out the following:

The Veils
Wolf Parade
The Bravery
Honorary Title
Okkervil River (esp the CD Black Sheep Boy, the song "So Come Back, I Am Waiting")
The Mars Volta
Minus the Bear (esp the song "Puchaca Sunrise")

ok, that was probably boring to all of you who aren't interested in music.

i worked today! and our results were PERFECT !! of course, i screwed up some in the lab. i haven't been there in a year, and dr k was watching me the whole time - and i have very poor attention to detail skills - so it was interesting. but everything worked out perfectly, i'm happy to say. i think we'll actually get a paper out of this summer - which would be great for me. and i think i'll have more steady/consistent work to do. i don't know if that's a good thing or not.

that's about all to report. i'm feeling pretty okay right now. the depression is lifting from me. it's not entirely gone - it comes and goes in waves, but i'm doing better every day.

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