Wednesday, May 10, 2006

7 As and 2 Bs! I did it!

i'm really proud of myself. i pulled both of my Cs up to Bs!! i made 7As and 2Bs this semester. that's a shot for my GPA. it'll be above a 3.5 now, which is AWESOME. because that's what i need to get a residency. at least. although one of my professors assures me that if i'm at or above that, i'll be fine for a residency.

wow. it's really done now. i am officially a 3rd year vet student. an UPPERCLASSMEN! and i have the whole summer to read read read read read - watch movies - discover new music and RELAX. i'm so so so so so so so so glad summer is here. which mixes a little uneasily with the feeling of emptiness/sadness that i have. that feeling of having something taken away from me. that something is the constant pressure of needing to be doing school-related stuff.

i feel like crying and screaming for joy at the same time. it's such an unbelievable relief to be free.

i had a good time at rhino's party last night. although i did discover that i suck at horseshoes. even sober. which i was - all night. i didn't drink any, which is amazing. i did eat enough to probably kill a lesser person - but ryan bbq'd ribs and fixed jerk chicken and a bunch of stuff. the food was amazing and abundant. i was actually in pain, at one point. anyway, i was at the party on 5ish hours of sleep in 2 days, so i bailed at midnight, came home, and passed out unconscious in bed. then, james (my brother) showed up at my house at 9:30 this morning. so, we went to breakfast and CD shopping. he just left, and i have some major cleaning to do - which i'm actually excited about doing. because my house is REALLY REALLY gross.

alright, i'm going. :) I LOVE LIFE at the moment.

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