Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not much to blog about

Having been off of work for 2 weeks does not make for exciting blogging.

After consulting with the cardiothoracic surgeon, my father is seriously considering the bypass surgery. He has three vessel disease - atherosclerosis of the 3 main vessels of the heart. This type of disease responds well to treatment with a coronary artery bypass. The surgeon made a strong case for my father. He's still deciding.

We're home again. I go back to work tomorrow night, and I'm afraid I'll have forgotten how to be a doctor!

In garden news, my squash are doing well. I also picked about 0.75# of snap beans from the garden. The tomatoes are growing, but they are still green. My peppers STILL aren't doing anything - which is a huge source of frustration. I have no idea why. I might need to cross pollinate them - because they are growing but not fruiting.

At any rate...not much else to say...sorry.

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