Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, we went out for a lovely brunch with an old, good friend from vet school and her fiance, as well as with my husband's 2 brothers and my BF. Downtown Knoxville has a place called Market Square - full of little trendy shops and restaurants, and we frequent The Tomato Head for Sunday brunch. Afterwards, we hung round in the sun and people watched until Super 8 started playing. Sitting there, on a hot, gorgeous summer day, I watched the many, many people and dogs go by, and all I could think about were which diseases the specific breeds would get.

Cute little fat dachshund: start saving up for that slipped disc surgery.

Middle-aged German shepherd: hemoabdomen secondary to splenic tumor just waiting to happen...or really bad hip arthritis secondary to dysplasia. OR BOTH.

Fat Boston terrier panting frantically: imminent heat stroke.

Lovely Doberman: needs a savings account for a ventral slot surgery when Wobbler's sets in...either before of after you become hypothyroid.

Kinda ruins dog ownership. Still, the day was lovely, the dogs were amusing, and life is good.


Nicki said...

I used to want a corgi but the thought of drawing blood from that furry neck and placing catheters in crooked veins turned me off.

Mara said...

I make it a game to name to lame leg in less than 5 seconds when I watch dogs walk by.

TabbyKat said...

i found this post to be very amusing!! LOL!! i was sitting here reading it aloud to my partner. we were laughing and she said, "we do that too!!"