Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Sam kittens again

So, I have 2 Good Sam kittens under my care. One is a beautiful lilac Siamese with incredibly blue eyes. The other is a gimpy little tabby. One of the local veterinarians did an amputation on the kitten's bad back leg today. I stood around and watched as he worked magic! The kitten only weighs 0.9 pounds! It was a challenge anesthetically, but everything went beautifully. Now all I need is a home for said 3-legged tabby.


BSDVM12 said...

Cool pictures! Just curious - what gauge catheter did you get into that teensy little vein?

Holly said...

it is a REALLY good thing you don't work in my backyard. I'd be the crazy kat lady!

The Homeless Parrot said...

That is a 25 guage catheter! We also had to improvise an endotracheal tube. The smallest we had was a 3.5, and that was too tight. We modified an 8 french red rubber, and it was perfect!