Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's not all death and destruction in the ER...

Even though sometimes, it seems like it is. The last 2 nights have been very, very slow. Dismally so. On the bright side, I got to help a patient feel much, much better!

"Molly" came in because she'd been outside, racing around the yard with her best friend, a much larger dog. The owners heard her cry out, and then she came back into the house limping. When the owners investigated, they found a sharp point sticking out just above Molly's knee. A large foreign body had rammed through her skin, tunneled through the subcutaneous tissue, and was buried there, under the skin. Only the tip was sticking out.

After some flushing and sutures, Molly was as good as new - and not even limping. See - there are happy endings in the ER!

(I have pictures, but the computer is not cooperating...)

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